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June 21, 2012


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Bill Marley

WOW!! - thats the best explanation i've heard about the differences between sales and marketing. couldn't argree more!! Nicely done Christine!!

Shel Horowitz - Green/Ethical Marketing Expert

Reading your note, Christine, I was reminded of this section from my book, Guerilla Marketing Goes Green (co-authored with Jay Levinson, and thus in the 3rd person):

Shel spoke on a panel of six people discussing sales and marketing for solo entrepreneurs. One of his co-panelists was a “Sales Jerk” who monopolized about 70 percent of the panel’s time, and was thoroughly aggressive, rude, and arrogant. His advice to others was that they, too, should be aggressive. He went on and on about how you just have to pick up the phone and cold call, hour after hour, day after day. His theory seemed to be that if you were a thorn in the side of enough people, one or two of them would do business with you, just to get rid of you.

You probably won’t be surprised that we disagree, strongly. With his approach, everyone loses. He’s going to have to work 14 hours a day at alienating people, in order to make a decent living. He’s wasting a lot of effort that could be spent far more productively, and he’s destroying the chance to build the long-lasting, positive relationships that turn prospects into customers voluntarily. What sales he gets will be in spite of his approach, not because of it—but eventually the numbers do add up to a livable income. We think he could sell a lot more and work a lot less if he followed our methods.

When Shel finally got his turn, he said, “Now, here’s the difference between marketing and sales. I never make cold calls. I create marketing that has the prospect calling me. When I get the phone call or the e-mail, they’re already convinced that I can help them. If I don’t screw it up, I have the account.”

Christine Pilch Mancini

Thanks, Bill.

Christine Pilch Mancini

Funny how that happens, Shel! ;)

Thanks for the comment.

Marketing bureau

Yet so simple, but very well explained. Thanks!

Jake Alexander

This is a very clear cut explanation. The two term are easily confused with one another. Thank you for clearing it up. I am always looking for marketing and advertising advice.

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