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June 18, 2012


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I think the one reasons that stands out more why companies afraid to use social media is Brand reputation. What people says, shares online are instantly view able by millions of people and if anybody says something bad about you than millions of people join that guy and start offering him company.

But there is a way to control this thing you can hire any online media reputation management company or you can do it by yourself by using some monitoring tools like Google alerts, Call me on the web and etc.. :)

Staci Burruel

These tips are definitely helpful for marketers and business owners. It will be helpful in avoiding social media marketing mistakes. I believe the “think before you click rule” applies here. Carefully check the content of your post, and see if it sounds right and proper. Make the content simple and relatable to your target audience, and avoid using text that may be perceived as offensive or aggravating.

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